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Monotony Break: Photos of the World

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007


[rockyou id=69639384&w=426&h=320]

Photo Credits: Yahoo.com


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Online Social Networking In a Digital Age

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007

Social networking and online community sites are HOT! HOT! HOT!

Meet me online, skype me or let’s webex a conference together with your management team around lunchtime! Hot sites for online social networking guru’s have finally come alive. What’s even hotter is that sites like LinkedIn, Xing and Ryze feature smart, sharp, intelligent talent, high powered ceo’s, unique people, entrepreneurs, corporate title holders and others who have joined the club. Taking a closer look at the online social community trend, these are some of the best sites out there for corporate America and beyond. Yes it is definitely an intellectual step up from the Myspace and Friendster class but without a comparison, we aren’t just talking about schmoozing and finding play pals off the internet for entertainment purposes. These serious business networking sites are hardcore for money makers, movers and shakers, decision makers and competitive corporate America who have decided to open there eyes to a whole new way of expanding personal business contacts and resources. You will find PWC executives, up and coming start up firms and any titled position holder you can think of by utilizing these online networking sites. Save time, be effective and gain valuable resources without leaving the comfort of your own office or home.


Photo Credit: Online Social Network Xing.com

These days, online social networking is a definite trend to follow. Finding, networking, retaining and doing business with great talent is hard to find. Explore the online social community world, see what you have been missing. It’s wealth of connections could change your life!

How Xing’s online community culture connects top talent.

My favorite website is Xing. Because of the effect of this website and the contacts I have made, I have managed to eliminate the time consuming face to face networking events and business related clubs. I am of a 2.0 generation and online social networking is a growing trend. As a change agent, supporting the adaptation to migrate my social skills to cyberspace brought a questionable challenge. My fears overcame the best of me and I decided to take the plunge. It’s not so much of a difference then what you do at networking events in person. That’s all passe. Join the club and place your profile on one of these online sites. It will save you an incredible amount of time if you use it wisely and effectively. I recommend Xing. The quality of existing members and it’s global attraction connects some of the brightest talent.


Featured online social networking site: www.xing.com

Last month I sat down with a client and he said Jen, guess how many people I met in the past month. I asked how many? And he told me over 100. Doing the math, that must have averaged him over 40 or so networking events. I silently laughed. Why? It’s logical. What a waste of time. I joined a quality online networking site and surpassed my client with adding 500 contacts within one months time. It didn’t hurt that I had a sales background and recruitment to help with my people picking skills but even a newbie can do this. In that short amount of time, I was able to expand my resources, open up my eyes to contacts outside of my local area, conference call and make instant contact on skype and didn’t have to wait in line through all the noise in the interim. By the end of the month I felt I recieved my $29.00 worth and saved on costs from attending online events then spending $12 here and there per event that would be held in person.Just hop on the bandwagon and learn to adapt your online social networking skills. You would be glad that you did, guaranteed. My only advice is that you have to use it wisely otherwise your profile will just be idle and go to waste. Remember, that the tool will not work and people will not interact unless you stay proactive. That means keeping up with correspondences, remembering important contacts and updating your profile.  The results are fantastic. It is an ideal tool for busy corporate executives. They are all fun interactive and intelligent driven sites. Community driven to a tee with intellectual forums, networking posts, skype access communication and other great online social networking features. Saving you time, money, energy and brain power by effectively utilizing the power of the internet to connect with valuable contacts across the globe. Online social networking can be a proven business tool to gather, improve, grow and provide ongoing personal connections.

Jen Lyn 

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Marketing 101: Typical “Buzz” Marketing Advice

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007

 Wanna buy? Wanna try? Marketing at it’s finest. 

Peel back the ad and smell the sweet smell of Armani cologne. Go ahead and take a whif it smells so good. Like my ex lover how he wore it so well. Wanna buy? Wanna try? Marketing at it’s finest. What’s new? This is new. Within two second like Malcom Gladwell’s Blink bestseller. Within two seconds you just know. The theory proves true. My first two seconds of taking a whif of that scent had me going and if you had asked me in that moment how I was feeling well I am sure you could have guessed. That’s marketing. Of course the allure is a mind aphrodesiac however the smell eventually wears off. 

A perfect example of buzz marketing at it’s best.


Nothing lasts forever in marketing. Unless at least you throw in the promoting and the constant attention generating. If you asked me, over the years of implementing hands on marketing experience, the effect is a hard working process of trying to put together pieces to the puzzle and hyping up the hype. Whether it be the people, the ad or the words it’s all a part of creating “buzz.” Buzz sure can carry you a long way during your marketing campaign.What is buzz? Buzz is marketing. Buzz marketing specifically. I never recieved mba, I never went to b-school. I learned from first hand dirty entrepreneurial experience. What I learned that I valued the most from marketing 101 beginnings was that when you start your own business you must be able to market, market, market like a guerilla!Whether it be through people or constant ad contact attention, marketing is the key word. Gaining the attention of others. Letting them know what it’s all about. How to market? Be clever, be daring be unique and stand out. Ignorance can be bliss to the newer population. But us old folks and seniors know the game. You need to get in at the right place and right time.

Don’t be typical. Don’t over hype. Too little or too much can bring disaster to your marketing campaign. Experiement and try new things and it will all make sense in time. Learn to listen, tweak and play to your audience. Imagine yourself on stage at a national talent show. The talent? Your product of course. You have to show the audience what makes your product rock. Put on a good show. Marketing is all about being creative. Get creative. Make sense. Dress it up and wow them with your intelligence. Product knowledge is icing on the cake. If you can master the art of product performance (and details do indeed earn you extra brownie points) then you are well on your way to a stellar performance.

Jen Lyn 

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Bill Ford: Melancholy Danish Prince(ss)?

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007

 I love him. I hate him. I don’t know him. I’d buy from him.  

Read the headlines in the famed Fortune magazine. Page 36 or so “executive drama” 48 year old Bill Ford. I love him. I hate him. I don’t know him. I’d buy from him…Ford Motor companies was started by Bill Ford’s great grandfather. Being CEO must be a tough job. When in high profile standards, the situation seems so pressured when you have the media gawking, eyeing and critiquing your every move. An overachiever who is flawed in his upper managerial style, Mr. Ford has been known to be a bit frazzled when managing his employees, spreading himself too thin serving on boards contributing to the EBay planet, a Princeton trustee and Vice Chairman of the Detroit Lions.

With the drama of Ford’s 2,750 salaried jobs equal to 30% of the USA’s workers creating a high percentage of people expecting job loss there is a lot of restructuring, public confessing and microscopic pressure for the CEO of the automobile company.Just think. That is a massive amount to cut loose. Imagine, envision being CEO and restructuring this dramatic change of cutting there employees from jobs and then reassembling the changes. It would be a lot of work and it does not phase me that our melancholy CEO has been put under such a close microscope. Why when you pay attention to what is happening throughout the rest of the world and how we are all connected, when there is someone and something that is outrageous in the business world who wouldn’t look twice? The spotlight is now on Bill and the anticipation to the public on his coming outs of letting go of thousands of blue collar workers at Ford. What’s a CEO to do???

Good Ceo or Bad Ceo?It’s doesn’t look like he will be smiling for long.


Looking deeper into the contracts, Ford’s family controls 40% of the shareholder votes. It’s not a possibility of the reast of his board staff to over rule the CEO and oust him from his present position. With pressure involved, he can also step down from the podium but reporters and Fortune magazine have presented the following Ford quote ”I’m not looking to go anywhere from this job.”Let’s face it, Bill Ford is just too slow. He does not have the CEO ability to run a structured company that is Ford and letting go of, cutting down thousands of blue collar worker salary jobs will only put more pressure on Mr. Ford. He has yet to prove his competition to the company and staying on top of what needs to be done has publically attracted attention and problems. SUV sales have plummeted and the financail companies are already on the look out of future slump predictions from Ford. As the clock begins to tick away, Bill Ford is starting to feel the heat.

Jen Lyn 

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America’s Finest: Why I love Chapter 11!

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007

Corporate America’s Bankuptcy Issues

I was recently at the Delta terminal leaving at La Guardia on a flight to Chicago. I had noticed something very odd. Empty terminal, hardly any foot traffic on Delta’s end. And what was the icing on the cake, the staff. Ridiculous. Some young african american lad named “Aaron” behind the front desk had slipped me a card and tried to pitch me a business line convincing me enough on that lazy morning before I obtained my departure ticket to speak to “Marcy” at terminal 4. My curiousity had to wander and so I went. There I was, minutes later at terminal 4 on route to terminal 6 to depart for Chicago in less than an hour. I asked for Marcy like an idiot because I wanted to be and there she was. A short, petite hispanic customer service agent and dear Marcy took the stage. She handed me a card and she pitched me a multi-level marketing scam right there at the Delta terminal airport LaGuardia. I was repulsed. Days later I called there manager. I rarely get upset but when it comes to travel, taxis and airports all I want to do is get in and get out. The nerve and what a dump for Delta. Sure the flights have been the lowest priced it’s ever been and there are only a handful of passengers on board. But geez! Delta is bankrupt what do you expect and that there employees are in such shit that they are multi-level marketing there customers!

Bankruptcy Has Turned Harsher And Colder Over The Years


Delta amongst other chapter 11 companies has produced more entrepreneurial risk from filing in and moving in on the present bankruptcy trend. Must have made the lawyers, financial investors and corporate executives in a league of there own with the results of its payouts.  On a brighter end, the downside encourages jumps and it contributes to societies changing times. When you are in charge of a company that is about to tank, you have every opportunity to save it. In American society, the beauty lies within the rebound. Up and away we go!

The resilience factor of springing back up can be quite a unique challenge for most CEO’s. After all, they are drawn to money, to power and how unsweet it is to see a CEO’s company fail to the ground leaving them publically defeated to the press and walking away from there disaster, short lived run with tails tucked between there legs. America loves an every day hero. And every CEO can look into this situation and take it or leave. Seize it, conquer it they have the given opportunity to turn it all around and rewrite the book, clean up the mess and make it happen again. Salute to the benefits!

Reborn success, stocks soar back up.

Off again to a speedy recovery!

Jen Lyn

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Powerful Faces Everyday Going Places

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007


[rockyou id=69670564&w=426&h=320]

Photo Credits: Yahoo.com

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