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America’s Finest: Why I love Chapter 11!

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007

Corporate America’s Bankuptcy Issues

I was recently at the Delta terminal leaving at La Guardia on a flight to Chicago. I had noticed something very odd. Empty terminal, hardly any foot traffic on Delta’s end. And what was the icing on the cake, the staff. Ridiculous. Some young african american lad named “Aaron” behind the front desk had slipped me a card and tried to pitch me a business line convincing me enough on that lazy morning before I obtained my departure ticket to speak to “Marcy” at terminal 4. My curiousity had to wander and so I went. There I was, minutes later at terminal 4 on route to terminal 6 to depart for Chicago in less than an hour. I asked for Marcy like an idiot because I wanted to be and there she was. A short, petite hispanic customer service agent and dear Marcy took the stage. She handed me a card and she pitched me a multi-level marketing scam right there at the Delta terminal airport LaGuardia. I was repulsed. Days later I called there manager. I rarely get upset but when it comes to travel, taxis and airports all I want to do is get in and get out. The nerve and what a dump for Delta. Sure the flights have been the lowest priced it’s ever been and there are only a handful of passengers on board. But geez! Delta is bankrupt what do you expect and that there employees are in such shit that they are multi-level marketing there customers!

Bankruptcy Has Turned Harsher And Colder Over The Years


Delta amongst other chapter 11 companies has produced more entrepreneurial risk from filing in and moving in on the present bankruptcy trend. Must have made the lawyers, financial investors and corporate executives in a league of there own with the results of its payouts.  On a brighter end, the downside encourages jumps and it contributes to societies changing times. When you are in charge of a company that is about to tank, you have every opportunity to save it. In American society, the beauty lies within the rebound. Up and away we go!

The resilience factor of springing back up can be quite a unique challenge for most CEO’s. After all, they are drawn to money, to power and how unsweet it is to see a CEO’s company fail to the ground leaving them publically defeated to the press and walking away from there disaster, short lived run with tails tucked between there legs. America loves an every day hero. And every CEO can look into this situation and take it or leave. Seize it, conquer it they have the given opportunity to turn it all around and rewrite the book, clean up the mess and make it happen again. Salute to the benefits!

Reborn success, stocks soar back up.

Off again to a speedy recovery!

Jen Lyn


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