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Bill Ford: Melancholy Danish Prince(ss)?

Posted by iBlog on May 20, 2007

 I love him. I hate him. I don’t know him. I’d buy from him.  

Read the headlines in the famed Fortune magazine. Page 36 or so “executive drama” 48 year old Bill Ford. I love him. I hate him. I don’t know him. I’d buy from him…Ford Motor companies was started by Bill Ford’s great grandfather. Being CEO must be a tough job. When in high profile standards, the situation seems so pressured when you have the media gawking, eyeing and critiquing your every move. An overachiever who is flawed in his upper managerial style, Mr. Ford has been known to be a bit frazzled when managing his employees, spreading himself too thin serving on boards contributing to the EBay planet, a Princeton trustee and Vice Chairman of the Detroit Lions.

With the drama of Ford’s 2,750 salaried jobs equal to 30% of the USA’s workers creating a high percentage of people expecting job loss there is a lot of restructuring, public confessing and microscopic pressure for the CEO of the automobile company.Just think. That is a massive amount to cut loose. Imagine, envision being CEO and restructuring this dramatic change of cutting there employees from jobs and then reassembling the changes. It would be a lot of work and it does not phase me that our melancholy CEO has been put under such a close microscope. Why when you pay attention to what is happening throughout the rest of the world and how we are all connected, when there is someone and something that is outrageous in the business world who wouldn’t look twice? The spotlight is now on Bill and the anticipation to the public on his coming outs of letting go of thousands of blue collar workers at Ford. What’s a CEO to do???

Good Ceo or Bad Ceo?It’s doesn’t look like he will be smiling for long.


Looking deeper into the contracts, Ford’s family controls 40% of the shareholder votes. It’s not a possibility of the reast of his board staff to over rule the CEO and oust him from his present position. With pressure involved, he can also step down from the podium but reporters and Fortune magazine have presented the following Ford quote ”I’m not looking to go anywhere from this job.”Let’s face it, Bill Ford is just too slow. He does not have the CEO ability to run a structured company that is Ford and letting go of, cutting down thousands of blue collar worker salary jobs will only put more pressure on Mr. Ford. He has yet to prove his competition to the company and staying on top of what needs to be done has publically attracted attention and problems. SUV sales have plummeted and the financail companies are already on the look out of future slump predictions from Ford. As the clock begins to tick away, Bill Ford is starting to feel the heat.

Jen Lyn 


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