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Collaboration Principle

Posted by iBlog on July 5, 2007

Principle of Collaboration

Collaboration is having a working relationship where shared interests are shared through the process of dialogue and cooperation. When collaboration occurs, neither person’s perspective dominates. A perspective emerges through dialogue that neither person would have had independently. Collaborative relationships are creative. People who collaborate have shared values and goals. Unless their values and goals are common, their desires and visions will work at cross purposes and they willl have no basis for cooperation. People who collaborate learn to trust each other and trust requires enough history for people to learn to trust. Conflict is the ultimate breakdown in collaboration. The most effective approach to handling conflict is to try to build or rebuild a sense of collaboration with the people in conflict.

Shared Values
Shared Goals
Shared Perceptions
Cooperative Frame
Consistency of Trust

Principle of Asserting

Asserting yourself means expressing your needs and opinions openly. Assertiveness is not dominating or intimidating others, nbor being aggressive. Assertiveness means having a clear understanding of what you want. To be assertive you need to feel assertive as well as have the right to act as though your may assert yourself. Assertive people are emotionally balanced which means they are not emotional while being assertive. Assertiveness is balanced by listening.

Clarify Intentions
Remain Centered
Express Yourself
Support Your Expressions

Expressing Yourself

Supporting Expressions
Listening to Others
Being Sensitive to Non Verbal Signs
Personal Space


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