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Interpersonal Effectiveness

Posted by iBlog on July 5, 2007

Interpersonal Effectiveness

1. Act friendly in dimeanor

2. Make people feel important

3. Share value, acknowledge it

4. Be interested in people

5. Remember name’s

6. Remember facts and inquire about them

7. Always be honest with yourself, others

8. Be direct and straightforward

9. Develop listening skills

10. Admit if you are wrong

11. Be encouraging and involved

12. Be there when people need you

13. Let people save face

Negative Behaviors to Avoid

1. Negativity

2. Abrasiveness

3. Overeactions to stress

4. Foul language

5. Making people feel worthless

6. Overation to bad news

7. Panicking and anxiety to negativity

8. Making jokes at anyone’s expense

9. Direct remarks, “You should..”

10. Reminding people of what is wrong


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