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Competitive Analysis

Posted by iBlog on August 7, 2007

Here’s How To Break It Down

Whether you are scoping out the market, researching your new product ventue or want the depths of your competition, a competitive advantage is key. Miss out on this and you may be missing out on a whole lot. Marketing a product with little or no knowledge let alone marketing without knowing what the competitive product is a big mistake. A competitive analysis gives you in depth facts and price points on your product. Below is an example of a competitive analysis featuring two competitive products sold and marketed on ebay:

Competitive Analysis

 Canon GL2 MiniDV versus Sony DCR-TRV950

Designed for the serious videographer-Impeccable picture quality that is better than the Sony DCR-TRV950-GL2 outperforms on manual audio control feature-Overall far superior manual control on GL2 vs. DCR-TRV950-Top handle buttons strategically placed for better creative shooting with the GL2 vs.   Sony which has no top handle button features-20x optical zoom out beats the 10x optical zoom of the Sony DCR-TRV950-Aperture F stops displayed with GL2 vs. DCR-TRV950 has no F stops to display-Neutral Density feature on/off option on GL2 vs. DCR-TRV950 has no such feature-GL2 lowlight/custom preset performance excels vs. DCR-TRV950 

Introduction The following sections will compare and focus on the capabilities/features of the Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder Camera 20x versus the Sony DCR-TRV950 Camcorder. The GL2 camcorder offers high quality digital video up to 530 lines of resolution. Building on Canon’s expertise, the GL2 offers sleek innovative design, precision optics, excellence in manual control, digital processing, display of F stops, clear scan, top button placements, +18 dB gain level and custom preset that all make for great features to enhance the picture quality for the user  In summary, the Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital Camcorder Camera 20x is a better suited camera for excellence recording video and in the end result makes an ideal choice for the serious videographer. 

Performance The number of pixels has increased with the GL2 from 279K to 410K and gives the camcorder overall improved picture quality. The quality of the GL2 picture is sharp, professional and impressive and in the end result produces a better picture quality versus the Sony DCR-TRV950. 

Price The Canon GL2 has an MSRP price of $2,799 and falls between the $1,499-$2,799 price range. Consumers can expect to find an average street price for the GL2 around $2,400 or better.  

Overall Features Manual Audio Control The GL2 outperforms the Sony DCR-TRV950 on manual audio control by far. Located at the far back left near the top of the GL2 are the indicators for the left and right manual controls with dials located at the back.  

Button Feature Controls The accessory shoe of the GL2 is located near the camera lens. Almost all of the buttons are located and raised above approximately one inch from the top handle of the camcorder. The zoom toggle button and the record start stop button are located next to each other towards the back of the camera. The photo button is located just below.  The location of these buttons and features that were placed on near the top handle is ideal for creative shooting. The Sony DCR-TRV950 does not include such controls on near its top handle. The GL2 has an advantage on this feature because you are able to toggle record on and off button and easily be able to control the zoom feature button.  

20x optical zoom Every camcorder includes a manual zoom. When it comes to manual zoom control, the GL2 excels in offering the user ultimate control over the picture they are recording. The 20x optical zoom out beats the 10x optical zoom of the Sony DCR-TRV950 for the individual consumer hands down. This is because the GL2 offers a variety of options such as two zoom controls where one is located at the grip and the other is located at the top of the handle. Within the handle, you can set the speed option of the zoom variables to slow, medium or fast. The speeds of the top handle can also be set and the right side grip zooms independently for great precision.  

Outperformance The GL2 outperforms Sony DCR-TRV950 in with its aperture and shutter speed features in manual control. When you are in automatic shooting mode, you can use the exposure wheel to compensate the overall exposure by setting the exposure lock.  Clear Scan Feature The GL2 also includes a new feature on its shutter speed that is called clear scan. The shutter speed option is designed for adjusting the shutter speed based on the scan frequency of a television or a computer monitor. This added feature is a broader example of Canon including features to the camcorder with no extra cost, therefore showing respect to the individual consumer.  

F Stops Also with the GL2, you can set the aperture (depth of field) from F1.6 to F8 in 19 steps and the camcorder notifies you on the exact number of F Stops on the onscreen display. The inclusion of the numerals is a very helpful feature for the professional videographer. The DCR-TRV950 does not include the display of the number of F Stops. 

Natural Density  The Canon GL2 offers a feature that gives the consumer the ability to turn the neutral density filter on and off. No such feature is available on the DCR-TRV950. The GL2 camcorder has the advantage on the manual control feature because it is perfect to utilize for shooting bright scenes. 

3 CCD For Low Light Setting When you throw the GL2 camcorder into full manual, open up the iris, bring the shutter speed to 1/60th and turn the gain up to +18 dB your end result in utilizing the GL2 is an excellence performance in a low light setting. The better still performance in the GL2 excels over the DCR-TRV950 which because of the GL2’s slightly larger 3 CCD (charged coupled device) maximizing it’s capability of the DV format. The GL2 is able to bring in heavier light pixel than its competitor camcorder with its custom preset. 

Audio Canon concentrated on developing a solid audio camcorder within this model. The GL2 offers many audio options such as recording and monitoring than the Sony DCR-TRV950 does.         

Matrix This matrix examines the benefit of obtaining a competitive advantage through feature differentiation:  

Competitive Advantage 

Outstanding Features


Consumer Care   


LOW  Conclusion When making a choice between the Canon GL2 Camcorder and the Sony DCR-TRV950 camcorder, I would recommend the GL2.  The GL2 offers better manual control which would be the overall reason for coming to this conclusion. The sleek innovative design, precision optics, digital processing, display of F stops, clear scan, top button placements, +18 dB gain level and custom preset all make for great features to enhance the picture quality for the user. The picture quality of the camcorder is very sharp with excellent lowlight performance. The camcorder is all about shooting video and is ideal for the consumer looking for great picture, manual control and excellence in video taping. If you are in the market for a camcorder that is in the $1,500 – $2,000 price range, the GL2 is a great choice. These are the valid reasons why the serious professional videographer would make the GL2 camcorder there overall product of choice. I’d strongly suggest to everyone to go with the Canon GL2.  

Jen Lyn 



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