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Myspace & Online Social Networking

Posted by iBlog on August 7, 2007

Participating In The World Of Myspace 

Join this online cultured community of gen x & y and you will see the world of people networking with other people. When in the past the only interaction we had with websites was to the computer only. 



We Love Tom!

With an estimate of over 72 million MySpace members, this is one wild party. Well not exactly but it is a highly creative mix of marketers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and cool people looking to socialize and get there profile up. You can add a friend, hook up your page, link up to others, send out bulletins, conduct business, add slideshows, music, downloads, share albums and more.

One of the peak observations on this website is how it has revolutionized the music industry. How musicians can connect one on one with there fans and business can compete through online advertising and marketing to there desired myspace audience. It’s quite entertaining. Peruse the website and you will find famous artists like Gwen Stafani, Black Eyed Peas, Gabriel and Dresden, Tiesto and more.

Jen Lyn


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