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Setting Score With Milberg Weiss

Posted by iBlog on August 7, 2007

“We hate them,” says class-action lawyer Russel “Cap” Beatie, Jr., referring to his competitors at the now-indicted firm of Milberg Weiss. “We’d like to step out into the back alley and shoot it out with them.”

Beatie, of Beatie & Osborn, filed last week’s class-action civil RICO suit against Milberg Weiss (the WSJ’s law blog item about it is here), which he candidly characterizes as “in the nature of a religious crusade.” Blustery and profane, Beatie says he blames Milberg Weiss for blackening the reputations of all class-action firms, thereby strengthening the hand of tort reformers. But there’s little question that his suit is even more personal than that.

Read the full article below:



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