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Confessions of a Change Agent

Posted by iBlog on August 9, 2007

Emily Morgan is one of Tom Kasten’s most obsessed change agents. She also personifies the new generation of leaders at Levi Strauss & Co. “Several years ago, when we recruited people to lead this process, I told them they would be ambassadors or assassins,” Kasten says. “Emily is the ultimate ambassador. When you see her in front of 200 people, and she’s painting the vision, explaining the impact, you can’t help but get excited. She has lots of credibility.”

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Morgan, 48, makes for an unlikely activist. She’s a 27-year Levi’s veteran who joined the company as a secretary in the advertising department and began a slow-but-steady rise through the ranks. She became an assistant advertising manager, then held a series of jobs in distribution, merchandising, and sourcing. But the more she saw how the company worked, the more dissatisfied she became.


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