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Going Forward

Posted by iBlog on August 9, 2007

Most headlines featuring India today focus on its impressive economic growth, outsourcing, and impact on information technology globally. Multinational firms eye the country’s growing, confident middle class with enormous interest, while its demographics, with a growing work force, seem favorable to continued economic dynamism. “India shining” became the slogan of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), headlining the ruling coalition in the 2004 parliamentary elections. Dig deeper, though, and the numbers on basic health, nutrition, and education still leave much to be desired. According to Devesh Kapur in his article “India’s Promise” in a recent Harvard Magazine article, governance – including law and order, provision of basic needs in health and education, and overall fiscal management – continues to be one of India’s greatest weaknesses, despite the resilience of its democratic system. Symptoms of governance failure include an increase in grassroots insurrections in several Indian states and voter dissatisfaction. In 2004, the BJP-led coalition lost over a quarter of its parliamentary seats and the chance to govern India, despite India’s economic progress under the coalition. The Indian National Congress party, leader of the successor coalition government, has since struggled to find a policy orientation that provides greater inclusiveness in economic development.

Read the full article in Harvard International Review


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