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Multi-Culturalism In Asia

Posted by iBlog on August 9, 2007

What makes multiculturalism in contemporary Asia so different from its Western counterpart? And by the same token, how might Asian engagements with multiculturalism help inform and expand concepts of multiculturalism itself? Multiculturalism in Asia, edited by Will Kymlicka and Baogang He, offers an articulate, thought-provoking look at one of the most ethnoculturally diverse regions in the world as it struggles to come to terms with ideas of socio-cultural identity, pre- and post-colonial legacies, and the necessities of economic and political survival in increasingly global contexts. Management of ethnocultural diversity is essential to the stability of the region and is also thought to be key to the process of democratization. It involves not only identity politics and the equitable sharing of power, but also broader questions of entitlement, justice, and the framing of issues in ways that are both universally and locally appropriate. Kymlicka and the other contributors necessarily engage these issues from perspectives of minority rights only, but ultimately these are profoundly human issues that involve what it means to be human and part of civilized society. In that sense, Multiculturalism in Asia helps underscore the urgent need in the region to develop leadership and an educated public conversant in both indigenous and foreign humanistic traditions

Read the full article in Harvard International Review


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