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Taxing Mobile Phones In The Developing World

Posted by iBlog on August 9, 2007

It has been hailed as the development tool of the century. It has revolutionized business in Africa and Asia and has allowed the poor to cross countless institutional hurdles. And despite a paucity of electricity, infrastructure, and support services, the people of the developing world have embraced it with open arms. It is the cell phone, and it is changing the reality of economic opportunity. With cell phone technology it is possible for health-care workers in rural Africa to summon ambulances to remote clinics. It is possible for one woman on the Congo River, completely illiterate and lacking electricity, to operate a successful food distribution business that connects with restaurants in distant cities and towns. It is possible for migrant workers without a reliable postal service to send messages in a matter of minutes.

Read the full article in Harvard International Review


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