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Posted by iBlog on August 20, 2007

To grasp what’s happening at Yahoo, look at two snapshots, then and now. Start with the late 1990s: The founders, Jerry Yang and Dave Filo, are barely out of their twenties, but these two boyish, scrawny Stanford computer-science grad-school dropouts still look and act a lot like teenagers. Infused with the idealism of the early wave of Internet pioneers, they say that they’re motivated not by starting a business or making money but by creating something useful for the community. Even though they’ve become instant multibillionaires, Dave — who grew up on a commune — remains compulsively frugal: He still lives in a cheap rental apartment, and he often sleeps on the floor of his open cubicle at work, which is strewn with junk. He wears T-shirts that he got free at hacker conferences, even if the shirts have logos of Yahoo’s rivals. Jerry and Dave’s colleagues play soccer inside the office in an open space across a glass wall that looks right into the boardroom, even while the board of directors — the grown-ups! — meets there. And they race their mountain bikes through the hallways of the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Jerry and Dave’s idea of a “power lunch” is the greasy glory of the In-N-Out Burger, which pulls its delivery truck into the Yahoo parking lot.

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