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Posted by iBlog on August 20, 2007

So what happens next in Adland? A couple of years ago, people in the advertising community looked out across the horizon and saw the Internet bearing down on them like an ugly tornado. They were terrified. The more they read about what was coming — TiVo, permission marketing, wireless technology — the more frightened they became. The question loomed: How does advertising’s push model “work” in a networked, peer-to-peer world?


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The initial answer, to Adland’s complete surprise: Better than your wildest dreams! When the tornado touched down, it didn’t rattle windows and tear down walls. It showered money on every agency from California to New York. All of those new dotcom companies wanted to advertise during the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards and the Grammys and ER! And on the radio. And in all of the new magazines. The tornado turned into a money tree.

Read the full article in FastCompany.com


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