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The Truth…The Achievement

Posted by iBlog on August 20, 2007

We have always known this phrase…” Honesty is the best policy ” Do we…??? I am not a perfect person myself…Gone through life just as everyone else…to seek what we all want in life….

We have been conditioned, genetically and enviromentally to live one way and taught to live another. You might be thinking this must cause tremendous conflict in our lives and of course, it does. And the sad truth is that there are a huge number of people who are so used to living with this conflict, they have accepted it as the norm. They don’t even realize it is the cause of almost all of their problems. They have come to believe that other people, conditions and circumstance are the cause of any problems they may be encounting.

We have our mind, our abilities, our unique and individual talents and time. These are our possessions, this is really an immense amount of wealth that belongs to each of us. And it’s the investment of our wealth which will determine our rate of return. Making the best use of what we have, in the time we are given to use it. Truth is always simple and uncomplicated.

Think of the number of times you have felt yourself being pulled in one direction while at the same time, your intellect was telling you the opposite direction was the true course of action to follow. This sort of mental conflict is not a modern phenomena brought about by our fast changing world. The truth has always had a way of shifting under pressure. It is often just as hard to tell the truth as it is to hide from it.

It’s realizing that a person who does not read is no better than one who cannot and that a person who does not continue to learn to grow as a person is no better than one who cannot. The greatest joy a human being can know is the joy of accomplishment.

Think of your life as a plot of ground to be seeded. If can only return to you what you first give to it. And you have time, the one thing which is completely beyond the control of man. Time, which cannot be saved, stopped, nor held back for even an instant. Make full use of these riches while you have them. Why wait to say…I wish I could do it all over again??? There is no second chance…..only yourself, the choices you seek…to where you want to be.


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