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Want to Make Customers Stay? Talk To Them

Posted by iBlog on August 23, 2007

It may sound simplistic and inefficient, especially in an age when we’d like to eliminate people from the equation, at least the high cost factor of having people involved. Yet, all the enrollment programs will not work if once your new customers are in they find no reason to stay. And there is eventually a finite number of customers to woo.

I worked alongside customer service professionals I wanted to have as friends – courteous, prompt, and with seemingly an over abundant reservoir of smarts and empathy. In B2B, customer service may either be a key component of your supply chain — taking orders and following up with your customers when billing — or an important team that supports your ongoing sales efforts — making sure people know about current programs they may need and want.

What about B2C? At least one company is bucking the trend towards automation and email by placing importance on talk. As The New York Times reported recently, Netflix has set out to provide its customers a friendly and personal experience by phone and gain loyalty while staunching potential defections. In this case, service representatives have the ability to reach out and help retain that customer.

Read the full article in FastCompany.com


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