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Europe Number 1 In Sustainable Energy

Posted by iBlog on September 12, 2007

Saving the planet may not seem like the quickest path to riches. Yet plenty of investors are betting that sustainable energy will make them lots of money. Already the sector is fast becoming a multibillion-dollar industry, giving companies the chance to boost their profit margins and help fight climate change at the same time. Taking advantage of this investment revolution, a wave of European firms has pioneered alternative energy technology to help make Europe the world leader in reducing carbon emissions.

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One Response to “Europe Number 1 In Sustainable Energy”

  1. Seth said

    Maybe this is because so many (Western) European energy companies are under state control, thus the gov. can force them into sustainable energy development a little bit easier than the US. Plus the gov. can pressure them into mergers much easier than in the US. Check out these articles by News Visual, they show how connected some French energy and industrial companies are http://www.newsvisual.com/newsvisual/2007/09/merger-talks-be.html, http://www.newsvisual.com/newsvisual/2007/09/strong-connec-1.html

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