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Fashion Week By The Numbers

Posted by iBlog on September 12, 2007

Even though a typical runway show only lasts about 600 seconds, fashion industry executives understand that they can still reap benefits months, even years, later. So while New York Fashion Week (BusinessWeek, 9/15/06) runway shows can rack up huge bills, fashion brands—no matter their size—can’t seem to help but indulge in hefty investments in an attempt to create a memorable presentation.

As it turns out, costs don’t have to be astronomical. Tracy Reese, a New York designer showing her women’s wear collection on Sept. 7, is celebrating her brand’s 10-year anniversary in low-key style. She’s chosen to display her wares inside Bryant Park’s midsize space, the Promenade, which can be rented for $36,000 (which includes lighting, a basic stage, access to the list of 3,500 registered press members, and the dozens of volunteers needed to help get everything done within the four hours allocated to each designer).

Read the full article in BusinessWeek.com


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