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China One Child Nation

Posted by iBlog on July 5, 2008

China and it’s “One Child” Nation

China easing back on rules? In Beijing, China is currently has a restriction of family planning policies which have most urban couples in China to conceive only one child. The policy was launched in 1973 in response to the significant amount of birth rate that has left it’s population out of control. During the cultural revolution, China’s birthrate had soared that had reached an outrageous amount of a ratio as high as 5.8 children per couple. This then created worries in the country’s limitations of basic needs such as food, water and energy resources.

China today has decreased birth rates down to 1.8. It is possible that social difficulties are to arise in the future as there will be fewer younger adults that create social difficulties in the future. The future shift in China’s “One Child” policy will have little impact future prediction on change of controls. In the year 2033, it is predicted that China’s population is still growing. In reports, the year 2033 China population will hit a significant number of 1.5 billion people, leaving birthrates to soar in the next five years.


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