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Communicating Effectively

Posted by iBlog on July 5, 2008

Communicating Effectively

To communicate so that others hear you is crucial. Listed below are some key facts:

1. All human beings are self absorbed, there attention is selective and care most about what effects them
2. Human beings are not information processors. Everything that they sense is based on emotions, values, needs
3. Words and there meanings are a small part of any message
4. People will not hear you unless they are attending to you
5. To communicate effectively you must be credible, interesting, relevant
6. Keep things simpls, concrete and memorable
7. Have a bottom line approach
8. Elaborate, give specifics
9. Time awareness, keep it short
10.Summary, reinstate key points
11. Ask questions, avoid why, information point, staccato questions
12. Open questions, closed questions


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