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Credit Crisis

Posted by iBlog on July 5, 2008

Credit Crisis? Financial Crisis? That’s Nothing!!!!

Are you negative in your bank account? Have funds run low? Just let it slide. Let the structured one’s freak out about it. If your a risk taker and trying to take your company public for an ipo, it’s all going to come with the territory.

Here are some tips to play it cool:

1. Creditors are worthless, they just sit on the phone all day and are trained to read off there scripts on $9 -$10 an hour
2. Fico Scores these days are bull. As an entrepreneur, your credit will be back up like a heart rate machine just have faith
3. When the bank calls you, just buy them time on the phone. Banks know the game and that’s how you do it.
4. Your going to hear a lot of comments from the outsiders. Just ignore ’em they won’t get it anyway it’s who they are.

When the economy is low, now is never a better time to grow!!!

How to take advantage of the moment while the moment lasts…

1. Look closer at your business. Think of ways that you can improve on what could be better re: team, strategy, sales, etc.
2. Start a new business. Now is never a better time, the economy profits well from new business development so why not?

Don’t be so trusting…

A wise business man knows that trust takes time. Laying out all your cards is a no no.

Ideas, ideas, ideas…

Share the good, protect the great babies with your heart and soul.

Business owners have a ball together…

Why not? They work hard and play hard. They are very creative and the fun in the game is contagious.

Careful what you wish for because it may just come true!

What happens when you are looking for something and that something is just there for the taking. Be safe, because it’s gonna happen fast. Always have a back up plan when things may emplode.

At the end of the day, it’s all a big game

True but not so true, its the attitude and how you play the game in what counts.

Drive, Ambition and Passion are your powers. They come along way…Use them wisely


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