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Russia’s New Leader

Posted by iBlog on July 5, 2008

Mevedev, A Putin “Prodigy”… Born To Lead?

Vladimir Putin has appointed Mr. Medvedev, Moscow’s new Russian President has won the electorial election by a large marginal vote. Mr. Putin will stay on as prime minister, with there relationship remaining at close end. Power of president is hiearchy and Russia is known for it’s highly personal political system that has been molded by former Putin. Mr. Putin will now take the reigns as prime minister and no longer will be in charge of controlling Russian army as well as foreign policy.

Mr. Medvedev is challenged with some highly significant decisions that will not only impact Russian economy but will also impact ties with the United States. Questions from the public tend to arise on whether Mr. Medvedev will take control of Russia’s foreign political affairs that have been quite political in ties to the Kremlin.


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