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Ekkapon Yuangna

Ekkapon is the managing director of Thai Summit International Legal Consultant Co., Ltd. (TSILC). TSILC was founded to provide a comprehensive range of full service on legal matters with strength and in depth and consistency to the highest possible standards. Ekkapon contributes information articles with a focus in Asia Business.


Mohamed Alborno

Mohamed Alborno is a business and technology evangelist, working out of Cairo – Egypt, who managed to launch and develop a series of leading business and technology courses and initiatives. His strong background in the wireless and convergent technologies makes him believe that it will add a new dimension to business. Mohamed currently works as a product manager for OpenCraft, where he helps organizations (from local to multinationals to NGOs) maximizing their revenues, increasing their values, or becoming more effective.


Kent D. Kedl

Kent has worked in Asia for over 20 years, most of that time spent in China He has completed hundreds of projects with companies over a range of industries with market feasibility assessment, competitive analysis, distribution strategy, strategic sourcing and acquisition/alliance assessment and partner negotiation. Prior to joining Technomic Asia, he was co-founder and vice-president of eStar-Solutions, an Asian business and IT strategy firm.

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